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What Clients Are Saying


"Tracy was a group hire for the College of Engineering at Northeastern University.  Tracy held five group meetings and three 1-1 meetings with all of us in a time frame of three months.  During the three-month coaching sessions, we grew as a team and individually through her guidance and interactive coaching.  Individually, I felt heard and supported. During my 1-1 sessions with Tracy we discussed boundaries, career projection and goals, having difficult conversations, and how to give myself time to cut-off from work so I can enjoy focused time with my family.  Some of the lessons that she taught me have also penetrated into my personal life and have helped me be a better parent.  I will be forever grateful of the coaching sessions that I had with Tracy and will hire her again when I need direction with my career and as a manager.   What I appreciated most about Tracy is her level of empathy.  She literally cried when I told her something amazing that I did for the university, which gave me confidence and validation that my work is worth it."

Esther Cohen, Senior Business Manager

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"I began working with Tracy through a company initiative, which was incredibly impactful for my personal development and career goals. Tracy's ability to listen and productively guide the conversation towards my areas of focus, point out alternative methods of approaching situations and ultimately, pinpoint tangible next steps I can utilize in my day to day to get me on the right track. Tracy's ability to lead with empathy and compassion is truly what sets her apart; she is one of the best listeners I've ever had the pleasure of working with, in addition to her genuinity and care I feel when speaking with her. I could not speak more highly of Tracy if I tried –– she is an incredible coach and every second spent with her is so valuable!!"

Jordan Goggins, Senior Account Manager

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"Tracy has been a pivotal resource since the moment we started working together.  The foundation of our working-relationship is trust which was established early on. Additionally, Tracy has the ability to thoughtfully synthesize discussions which lead to action. I am grateful for Tracy’s professionalism, guidance and tutelage.  I highly recommend coaching, ideally with Tracy!"

Amy Hunt, Market Research Sales Executive

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“I contacted Tracy when I was at a crossroads in my career.  While I expected her to help guide me from a professional perspective, she has also helped me out immensely from a personal perspective.  In one of our early sessions, we talked about blockers for accomplishing projects.  After that session, she provided many strategies to get past some of my challenges, which has paid off both personally and professionally.  Tracy is one of the best listeners I have ever met.  She constantly hears something in the answer to a question and probes at that much deeper with insightful follow up questions.  On numerous occasions, she helped me uncover realizations which started from what seemed to me to be very minor details to her original question.  She has also been a major help in terms of accountability to ensure I am moving forward.  Our time has been incredibly valuable and I would highly recommend Tracy for anyone who is looking to better themselves in their career and life.”

Brian Klatt, Executive Director of Data Products


"Working with Tracy has been the change I needed for my career and personal growth. Her questions always challenge me to think in a different way, gaining a new perspective. Our sessions are effortless and I often reference her insights throughout my week. Overall, her coaching has led to me becoming a stronger leader with increased confidence. If you’re looking to make a change in your life, reach out to Tracy."

Beth Stadelberger, Design Leader in Technology

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"I hired Tracy to create a team building activity for my team - a group who works 100% remote, without any face-to-face interaction, and who would prefer to get their assignments done without team building activities getting in the way, so to speak. She did an amazing job at getting the team to lean in to the task at hand in order to communicate and learn about one another, without ever being in the same room. The types of activities we did with Tracy got everyone on the team to talk about things they ordinarily may have been too nervous or afraid to say out loud amongst coworkers/peers. I believe everyone on my team walked away with a new appreciation for themselves as well as for one another. I would highly recommend working with Tracy, even if you can’t quite pinpoint exactly what you or your team needs at the moment!"

Jill Dunham, Director, Medical Writing

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"If Olympians with some of the highest skill sets in their fields need a coach, everyone needs one. Tracy has been the type of coach who ignited a fire in me from the spark she saw, so to speak. I am still the same person but with a different perspective on my career and abilities. I could trust Tracy from the minute I spoke to her. Once I leaned into the process honestly, I was able to figure out my priorities, strengths, and what I needed to focus on. She also helped me to be kind to myself which in turn helped me to work smarter on areas that are important to me, to the point where I lost some weight from treating myself better. Tracy is a resource that I’m grateful for. I am very appreciative of Tracy’s openness, kindness, competence, and honesty. I highly recommend working with Tracy!"

Sarf, Controller, Private Equity

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"I worked with Tracy during my recent career transition. She is a valued mentor, accountability partner, and encourager. Tracy helped me more effectively convey my strengths and leadership style to potential employers. And, she helped me hone my personal and professional goals so I could objectively weigh any opportunities. Together we celebrated the wins and found the lessons in the setbacks. Tracy is passionate and knowledgeable about her coaching work and connects the dots across each session. Her process is a mix of career- and personal-development. I’m thrilled to say that I landed in a new role that checks off all of my major goals, and I’m grateful for the valued support Tracy provided."

Patience Cook, Marketing Strategist


"Tracy helped me identify my strengths and reframe my challenges. Over the course of our time together, there was a noticeable shift in my approach to work. I was able to harness confidence I didn't know I had and apply the tools she gave me in even the most stressful situations. I have no regrets hiring Tracy as a coach. She is a careful listener and a skilled guide. I recommend coaching to anyone who may be at a crossroads in their career. Definitely worth it!"

Sarah Holbert, TV and Streaming Executive


"Tracy is a master in picking up on what I’m saying and steering our conversations to be meaningful and valuable in a way that feels natural but also deliberately guided. She asks powerful questions that help me understand how I feel when I win and how I feel when I lose. She’s given me the ability to shift my own perspective so that I can move forward."

Lindsey Becker, Chief Marketing Officer


"I thought my career had hit a dead end, but really I was just at a crossroads. Tracy helped me see that. Together, we charted my new path, and she cheered me on as I embarked on it. I'm 47, and I have never felt so energized about my work."

Olivia Gentile, Journalist

Office Building

"I am so happy to be working with Tracy as my coach.  I reached out to her because I was looking for more satisfaction with my current job and was contemplating a career change. Tracy was born to do this profession. She is both a terrific listener and asks really insightful questions. Early on in our conversations, she was able to pinpoint what was most important in my life and gave great suggestions on how to get to where I wanted to go. If anyone is considering making a change in their life and would like to discuss it with someone, then I would highly recommend Tracy!"

Jason, Senior Executive at Fortune 500 Company


"I have been benefitting from working with Tracy and it has been quite transformational! I now have a daily routine that supports all areas of my life, a huge accomplishment for me. Knowing I have her in my corner, I am more motivated to follow through on the things we set into place. She has helped me shift perspectives and try new things. Tracy has a sweet nature about her that is always very nurturing and loving. I hear her words in my head all the time! I highly recommend working with Tracy."

Willow Star, Guide, Storyteller, Cancer Thriver

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