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Have you ever wished you could discover your true calling?

I did… through coaching.

For years, my identity was interwoven with my profession. As a successful senior executive with a major media corporation, I had never thought about what I could achieve beyond the world I had known for so long.

And then, it happened: as my industry was shrinking, it was consolidating its workforce. My services were no longer needed. A kick in the gut.

What was next for me?

Questioning what path to take, I worked with an incredible coach, a true partner who didn’t push any agenda on me. Instead, she posed questions and challenges, helping me identify my values and true passion. I came to understand that what I loved most about my work was helping my team members solve problems. I felt the greatest satisfaction in my work when I was able to support them in turning the work they had to do into the work they loved to do.

That's when it hit me. I want to do what my coach does! Help others feel alive and energized, gain the confidence to make a change or take a big step, feel fulfilled. That is what I have loved doing for so many years as a leader, mentor, and confidant. Coaching was the next logical step for me.

Making this change was scary, but I knew immediately it was the right decision. I can honestly say that the sessions I have with my clients are the highlights of my week. I see each of them building self-confidence and trying new things that at first may have felt out of their comfort zones, but that now enliven them and give them a sense of forward movement. This makes my heart full.

Those who know me best tell me they have never seen me happier, more motivated, or more invigorated. I am beyond grateful for having this unexpected chance to discover what is really important to me and to align my skills with my values. Without it, my clients might not be able to discover what is important to them, and I wouldn’t be the coach that I am today.

My story may be foreign to you, or it may hit close to home. No matter how you feel, I hope my story inspires you to know this: you too can make the change you’ve always wanted to make. The possibilities are endless.

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You are amazing, Tracy. Everyone you coach is so lucky to work with you.


Beautiful! This makes me so happy to read. ♥️

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