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From doubt and fear to ease and success

A client of mine started a new role just over four months ago. Staying in his industry but in an entirely new capacity, the first few months were predictably challenging. He felt stress around having to learn to work in his field from a completely different direction, a bit of imposter syndrome, and an uncertainty about where this role would take him.

Fast forward to today, and already the difference in energy around him is palpable. He’s off and running at his company. He’s still figuring some things out, but many aspects of his job are coming easily and naturally.

In fact, he said to me recently, “There’s an ease to my day to day. I’m working on things that I’m really good at. I’m getting to spend more time with my family. I didn’t know it could be this way.”

As I reflected on what he said, I realized he was telling my story! While he stayed in the same industry and I pivoted, the themes in what we’re finding out about how life can look are extremely similar.

I didn’t even realize until after I left my corporate job how stressed out I had been. Taking what I loved most about the role - the people - and turning it into the career I have today was not easy, my inner critic had a strong hold on me, and I had doubts about where it would lead.

But I pushed past the doubts and fear. And here I am today, loving everything about what I do and who I meet as a coach, feeling challenged and at the same time extremely at ease with my work, and enjoying the healthiest work-life balance I’ve ever known. Of course some days feel harder than others, but the sense of joy and fulfillment I feel knows no bounds.

I’m so grateful I get to do this for a living, helping others see what our whole selves - we as executives, caregivers, partners, friends, the list goes on and on - can accomplish and feel when we are truly able to do what we love. The prospect of minimizing the stress, adhering to healthy boundaries and embracing the ease can reshape our definition of success.


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