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A simple solution to providing - and finding - value in the workplace

Is this you?

Have you ever felt beaten down and under-valued in a role you’d been in for years? Yet after identifying - and landing - an exciting new position, all of a sudden, your current place of employment gives you an appealing offer to stay. They provide you with glowing feedback about what you bring to the table and how much you are valued. They even throw money and a new title at you.

And you say to yourself, why did I not know they felt this way about me until I made a decision to leave? Maybe I SHOULD stay and pass up this exciting new opportunity? After all, I already know all of the roadblocks and challenges here. Even though I've been feeling beaten down and under-valued all this time, the known feels safer than the unknown.

My counter to that is, if you were so valued this whole time, how come you didn’t know it? Why were you feeling so beaten down if your company cherishes you so much?

I truly believe that consistent, regular feedback - not just during annual review time, or worse, when someone is tendering their resignation - can be a simple way to raise morale, productivity, and ultimately happiness.

Are you getting and giving the feedback you and those around you deserve to hear? If not, what needs to change?

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